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Corporate Wellness ProgramS

What if your company and employees could thrive post pandemic and strengthen their immune systems by implementing a simple dynamic corporate wellness program?  

Would you like to be a pioneer of the industry and greatly contribute to the lives of your employees while increasing your bottom line, productivity and happiness quotient in the office? 

The target of this program was designed to catalyze change physically, biochemically & mentally in the following ways: 

  • to reverse postural dysfunctions in the body using massage, osteopathic techniques and bodywork 

  • assess ergonomics, biomechanics and implement a treatment plan specific to the individual

  • empower people to know what systems of their body are excessive or deficient, how to support their major organs and boost their immune system so their bodies can thrive and not just survive 

  • decrease stress, stress related health conditions, sick days and increase quality of life, joy, self value, and quality of life  

  • acknowledging mental health in a way no one has yet-using the cutting edge tools and techniques from Access Consciousness, Access Bars has neuroscientists fascinated with it's ability to decrease anxiety and depression dynamically and change brain waves and cognition. 


  • Ergonomic Assessment of their workstation, implementation & follow up

  • Treatment plan monthly Massage Therapy sessions for 6 months 

  • Specific stretching & strengthening routine specific to the individual’s postural dysfunctions

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  • Health/body questionnaire shows what body systems are deficient or excessive and what’s required to resolve the imbalances

  •  Empower with information where to get herbs/vitamins, and offer them my herbs  (link for Zhao TCM herbs)

  • Educate them how their body created it, what to eat/avoid, what helps/exacerbates

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  • Quality of Life questionnaire 

  • Access Bars sessions and facilitation 

  • Playbook for creating a fun phenomenal rewarding life

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