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"Julie I've never seen a human brain change like that in my whole career in neuroscience" Dr Fannin re: Access Bars

A year ago today I interviewed the neuroscientist who did the brain mapping research for Access Bars.

It was pretty cool to hear the dude who actually did the brain research talk about his first Bars session and how much clarity and lucidity he got after one little session.

He said to me after we were done recording in one of our conversations that lasted hours “Julie I don’t know if Access knows just how profound the data actually was for the Bars study. I’ve never seen a human brain change like that in my whole career.”

Dr Fannin edited our 2hour conversation down to watchable little segments that I put on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to see the whole thing. I talked to him for another 3 hours the day after our interview. We talked about so many things-we didn’t even get to the actual specifics of the Bars study cuz we were having so much fun but he always referred back to the power of Access Bars and your point of view creating your reality with everything we discussed and it was just so great to chat with him, he’s so enthusiastic about the profound change that Bars creates.

Here’s the other videos if you wanna climb in a rabbit hole before Easter!


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