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Your personal gps system: Light & Heavy energy

How many times have you ever lied to yourself?

I’ve lied to myself too many times to even count.

Thank goodness I’m aware of it now.

What's true for you makes you feel lighter and expanded and amazing. What makes you heavy is lies. Lightness and heaviness is your lie detector showing you what works and what doesn't, it's your personal gps system if you're willing to listen to your body.

What if you could live lighter and live freer and not have to lug around all those heavy lies you’ve been lying to yourself about?

I’ve had this energy work called a "body process" ran a few times on my body this week and holy schmoly.. It’s just fascinating what comes up while running the process-is actually what’s being released from the body.

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be.

Energy is everything. And everything is energy.

Join me for my next Body Process class.


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