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What are you looking for that you’ve never been able to find? What if it’s You?

Yesterday was the anniversary of my friend Brett’s death. He was a really amazing dude. He struggled with mental health and addiction and it cost him his life. His death was actually the precursor to me finding Access Bars. What a gift through tragedy, I know without a doubt Brett led me there.

I was looking for something and I didn’t know what it was.

It turned out I was looking for me all along.

That’s what Brett was searching for too. That’s what all the seekers are searching for. Unfortunately some look for it in a line of cocaine or the bottom of a bottle.

What if you never had to look outside of you to find you?

Yesterday would’ve also been Crystal Phillips’ 35th anniversary of her late husband so we had a really good cry and acknowledgement of life, living and most importantly, the joy of actually living.

We kicked lifetimes of limitations to the Mexican curb a year ago today at our first Bars class in Puerto Vallarta. Without a doubt lives were permanently changed. Maybe it wasn’t a big class in numbers but it was a huge class in a sense of what was created and transformed in these peoples’ lives who chose to come.

What did their bodies know to come?

How long have their bodies been waiting for this peace and space?


They were all at a fascinating cross road and holy shit it never shows up how you think it will. It was so phenomenal and rewarding I’m so grateful it just makes me cry.

Thank you so much MaryFrances Barbisan for everything and for opening your beautiful Mexican home to host our class. We’re so excited you can teach Bars now and add this to your wizard toolbox and blow up your town.

To the farthest extent of what’s possible..

what else is actually possible now universe?

If you’ve never experienced an Access Bars session before please reach out to me, I’d love to see what I can contribute to you, your body and future.


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