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Did you know the health of your eyes are dependent on the health of your liver?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

In Chinese medicine, the eyes are the chimney to the liver. Whatever is going on in the liver will show up in the eyes. When people have vision that starts deteriorating, their liver is stressed out and in trouble.

We stress our livers by what we eat, how fast we eat, how the food was cooked, spiced, the amount of stress, our emotional and mental state before, during and after eating, as well as any previous existing conditions, let alone drugs, alcohol, prescription meds, chemicals, toxicity and many more stressors. Sometimes just relieving liver stress with better life choices can help vision, but in most cases the liver will need support if it’s something you haven't chosen before especially if you've partaken in any of the above activities for any duration of time.

A client of mine recently had major surgery and his vision deteriorated dramatically. Anytime anyone undergoes surgery, the body looks at it like trauma, and the stress from his surgery made his liver work harder affecting his eyesight. After speaking with him there were other signs his liver was stressed, his digestion and elimination was erratic from constipation to diarrhea, his mental stress and anger was through the roof and his diet wasn’t ideal always being on the go and never stopping to chew or breath and only eating fried food. We did a consult session and I helped him recognize what he was doing and choosing in his life and what else he could be choosing and he started supporting his liver and relaxing. Once he was aware of how he was stressing his liver, his eyesight started improving and it made him excited and gave him hope.

In North America it’s become normal to be overweight, have digestive problems, depression, diabetes, acne, hormone imbalances, eye and vision problems etc. When did this become normal for the majority of the population? Most people have a hot stressed out liver that’s working way harder than it has to based on diet, stress, toxins, congestion, pH etc. You’ll know your liver is stressed if you take vitamins and you get more tired it shows how hard your liver has to work to break down the vitamins. You know how you get tired after a big meal? Because your body is using all of its energy to break down your food. We eat way more than our bodies require and wonder why we’re feeling heavy and tired.

I love liquid herbs and vitamins, they're predigested so your body doesn't have to work harder to break them down if your liver is in a slow and congested state. The liver has about 500 functions on a day to day basis and sometimes it just needs a little support and help in the right direction. Making wise health choices and supporting your liver with low stress, a good balanced diet and moderation is a great place to start.

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