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Did you know that most health problems begin with a lack of oxygen? How are you breathing right now?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

To survive, our bodies only require nutrients, water, oxygen, waste removal and a consistent regulated temperature. Our bodies are absolutely amazing. When we don’t give our bodies these basic needs, our health suffers. What if we could actually thrive and have great health instead of just surviving? And what if it could be really easy and simple? Let’s just start with something you can do right now…

Breath in some oxygen. Breathing deeper and more often will get more oxygen into your blood, help you feel better immediately, give you more energy and help eliminate waste. At the peak of holding in a deep breath your body remove wastes, so what would it take to breathe deeply for a few minutes and get some oxygen in your blood, organs and brain and increase the waste elimination in your body naturally, just by breathing?

Oxygen is the cheapest form of medicine we have and we don’t utilize it…or do you? Only you know how deep and often you breath. What kind of alarm or reminder could you put in place for yourself to make deep breathing an hourly habit? We keep looking outside of ourselves for health and vitality, only to find we already have everything inside..we just have to utilize what we already have.

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