to the Earth, to your Body, to Horses...

Julie graduated from Foothills College of Massage Therapy in Calgary, Alberta in 2006.  Since graduating, she has continued to grow, expand and refine her craft with enthusiasm and wonder.   

Currently, she is studying Equine chiropractics, acupuncture and osteopathy with Shantel Perreal of the Canadian Equine Therapy Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.


By acknowledging physical, biochemical, mental & energetic levels, Julie has a deep understanding of anatomy, how all systems communicate individually and as a whole.  Her sessions are a combination of massage, intuitive bodywork, osteopathic techniques & body unwinding. 


Julie’s enthusiasm for bodywork is inspired by acknowledging the root causes of dysfunction, helping to reverse the problem and empowering you to know how and why it happened so you can change it.  Julie enjoys inviting and empowering people into having greater body awareness, if they are willing to choose it.    


Julie has a successful private practice in southwest Calgary, corporate massage therapy in downtown Calgary, onsite massage therapy in the oil sands and recently started implementing corporate wellness programs for corporations.  Julie is a keynote speaker in the fields of massage therapy, bodywork, anatomy, consciousness, stress, biomechanics, ergonomics, health and wellness.  She is the founder of Corporate Alignment Inc., Consciousness à la Carte and Massage à la Carte.  She also facilitates her own series of Massage Therapy education courses for massage therapists looking to expand what they know is possible with the body.


In addition to being a massage therapist Julie also has a thriving Access Bars business, facilitating more ease, joy and consciousness on the planet.

What else is possible for you your body that you’ve never even considered?