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Access Body Process® One Day Certification

Would you like to be a walking, talking miracle walking?

...But you feel like a stressed out, burnt out hot mess?

Are you looking for a different approach to healing that gets results and makes your life greater without spending tons more money?

The Access Body Process is a gentle yet powerful hands-on burnout prevention and stress management technique that works.  You'll feel so good after you'll wonder where this has been all your life.  There are so many great ways to relax like yoga or meditation, Access Body Processes just do it faster, most people feel like they've done 6 hours of meditation after one 60 minute session.. and you don't have to change your clothes.    

It helps you unlock tension, resistance and dis-ease in the body by shifting energy dynamically, helping you look younger and allowing your body to feel better without surgery, injections, creams or pills.  Body processes are a wonderful way to rejuvenate the body, skin and face, and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body.

The Access Body Processes deepen and quicken the body’s natural healing capacities.

How many judgements do you have about your face and body?  Every time you look in the mirror and judge what you see, your cells remember and lock that judgement into your face and body.  Each session of the Access Body Process gives the body a chance to change, shift and transform many limiting energies and judgements that get embedded in the face, head, chest, and body – effectively erasing cellular memory of judgement.


The Access Body Class is designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it.  When you start to change the way you relate to your body, you start to change how you relate to everything in your life.

“Let the bodies know what a gift they are and they will be a gift to you.” 

~ Gary Douglas

What is a body class like?

In pairs, one person is receiving the session on a massage table while the other person is running the body process seated comfortably.  After the first session we take a break and then we rotate partners.  After this class you will be a certified Access Body Process Practitioner and can charge for sessions.  Massage tables, blankets, pillows and refreshments are all provided, you are fully clothed for all the energetic bodywork.  

What healing capacities do you have that no one else has? 


Come discover what you're capable of..

Head Massage

What are Access Body Processes?

Julie Kaukinen

Access Bars Calgary.jpg

Julie helps stressed out perfectionists who struggle with chronic pain, health and digestive problems, high mental stress, depression and anxiety so they can get out of pain, feel better, sleep better, laugh more, breathe deeper and have a greater level of health, flexibility, overall joy and magic in their lives.       

Healing is an art, and Julie is able to invite and create massive change in people’s bodies, realities and their points of views about their bodies, which in turn opens up and changes their whole world. 

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what's it like to work with julie?


What's like to work with Julie? - Julia Sotas
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What's like to work with Julie? - Julia Sotas

What's like to work with Julie? - Julia Sotas

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What's like to work with Julie? - Teresa Thompson

What's like to work with Julie? - Teresa Thompson

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What's like to work with Julie? - Carmen

What's like to work with Julie? - Carmen

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