Would you like to save your hands and learn how to massage using your elbows with such precision, skill and technique, that your clients actually prefer your elbows over your hands? 


What if the olecranon of the elbow was actually designed perfectly to carve out every attachment and muscle belly on the human body?  


Learn how to work smarter not harder by saving your hands and using your elbows for things you didn’t know were possible with my simple online program “RMT’s Save Your Hands!" 


I wasn’t even out of massage school yet and my hands were already done before I even started my career.  18 years ago, a good client of mine who used to do massage said “Julie you need to use your elbows or you just won’t last.”   I started only using my elbows and I quickly learned the hard way of what to do and what not to do.


I’ve been massaging with my elbows for almost 18 years now and I’ve never had any injuries from working.  That’s impressive considering this industry is about a 2-5 year career span depending how many clients you see.  In the long run, who’s really going to win-your thumb strength or their gluteal muscle?    


Unless I’m applying lotion, doing specific neck, TMJ or organ manipulation, I try and use my elbows for everything.  Many people say wow your hands are so strong-and I say that’s my elbow not my hand!   


If you’re interested in working smarter not harder and you’d like to up your game and last longer in this field, consider my program, RMT’s Save Your Hands!  


What if using elbow pressure can actually create greater change in people’s bodies than you’ve been getting up until now, using way less effort? 

What's included in this course:

Julie Kaukinen


Julie helps stressed out perfectionists who struggle with chronic pain, health and digestive problems, high mental stress, depression and anxiety so they can get out of pain, feel better, sleep better, laugh more, breathe deeper and have a greater level of health, flexibility, overall joy and magic in their lives.       

Healing is an art, and Julie is able to invite and create massive change in people’s bodies, realities and their points of views about their bodies, which in turn opens up and changes their whole world. 

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