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I’m doing free 30mins Access Bars sessions, want one?

Are you on struggle street with your mind, body and spirit and you’re looking for a miracle?

What if you could really relax and melt into a massage table and observe your spinning thoughts and worries dissolve into total awareness and presence in minutes..

If you’d like to learn mental health 101 and quantum physics for dummies all rolled up into

one burrito come try a session April 21st 1-6pm or come to my next Access Bars One Day Certification class Sunday April 28th 10am-5pm in Sw Calgary to quiet your mind for good.

Learn how to do life changing energy work sessions, while learning everything you should’ve learnt as a child about mental health, intuition, energy, how to handle, deal with, and create your life and future.

Bars is the funnest class you’ll ever take-especially with me-one day to get your PhD in energy.. might be useful considering this entire reality is energy.

If you wanna test drive bars and the joy of being alive that goes along with it, msg moi.


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