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Help your partners neck pain safely and effectively
with my 10min routine!
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I help desk working perfectionists with chronic neck pain who struggle to get any relief. I offer online courses that show you and your partner how to safely and effectively massage each other’s necks, relieve neck pain and get immediate results.

What if you could be a neck magician and help your spouse’s neck pain more than you thought possible with my simple online video series?


For people that know me, this is my famous seated neck work that I’ve done on hundreds and hundreds of people.


I’ve always received phenomenal feedback about how quickly and effectively it gives instant results and releases the entire neck. Most people say they didn’t even know their neck was that tight after getting it done for just a few short minutes.


Learn how to do it-or manipulate your spouse into learning how to do it for you!

  • Is your spouse trainable?

  • Would they do anything to help your neck pain or vice versa?

If you’re sick and tired of hearing your spouse complain about neck pain, try my simple online video course that shows you exactly what you need to know and do to help them get out of neck pain now.


More people than ever are looking down at their phone or keyboard for too many hours a day causing pain in the base of the skull, neck pain, tension, stiffness, headaches, upper back pain, hand and arm numbness the list goes on..


  • How many hours a day are you looking down at your phone or keyboard?

  • How does that feel?

  • How do you think your neck will feel and look in 20 years if you don’t do anything about the pain and tension?


The only requirement, you will need to have a willing massage participant that you can practice on or reciprocate with!

This simple video series will show you exactly what you need to know and do to help Your or your spouse neck pain now.
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  • 3 techniques

  • 6 videos

  • 3 techniques

  • 1h per for 4  day

  • 1 follow up live call with Julie