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Hi, I'm Julie. 

I'm an expert in herbal kinesiology. 

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, digestion & elimination problems and you've been everywhere and tried everything with no result? 

I specialize in herbal kinesiology sessions so we can find out what systems of your body are working too hard and need relieving, and which ones are not working hard enough and need support.


Do you like it when people tell you what to do, where to go, or what to be?


How do you think your body feels?

Do you ask your body what it would like to eat or drink or what herbs and supplements it would like to take? 

...Or do you decide what it needs and then you find out the hard way getting diarrhea stuck in your car in rush hour-that-that wasn't what your body wanted so you just wasted more money on something that will sit in your cupboard?

What if you learned how to ask your body what it wanted? And how much, how often and for how long?  I wonder what would change and how much more clarity you and your body would have with your supplement program.


I wonder what your body has to say?


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My herbal sessions are very different, I basically have a chat with your body and do a thorough assessment of all your organs, glands, body systems, vitamin, mineral, amino acid levels, check food allergies, and get a baseline of what systems of your body are working too hard and need relieving, and which ones are not working hard enough and need support. 

I also go through and check all your current supplements to see if your body likes them, see what your body is asking for, if there's any holes in your current health program and then we create a supplement program that encompasses everything.

The clients that come see me have usually been everywhere and tried everything where western medicine has failed, and they’ve also spent two arms and two legs on health practitioners who slammed them with tons of product, never asked their body what it wanted, never gave them any relief or contributed to them getting to a greater level of health.


That’s why it’s so rewarding to be able to do this with people and to see all my clients be so grateful and happy with their success from a totally different approach to their health, vitality and supplement program is more than rewarding.


My herbal mentor trained me in many amazing things including glandular body typing, a system of constitutional assessment that gives me insight of a client’s basic makeup, what health problems they are prone to, and which systems are most likely to break down under stress by observing their physical shape, characteristics, attitude, personality and constitution.

I’ve been a certified herbal consultant using innovative health assessments and recommending herbs, vitamins and supplements to clients since 2012 and I absolutely love contributing to people’s bodies and showing them what is possible with muscle testing herbs and supplements.  

Traditional health assessment isn’t about naming diseases, it’s about identifying root causes of people’s health problems and assessing their internal environment and the overall energetic state of their body.


Doctors are trained for managing disease, they are not trained to prevent disease or to facilitate more health, vitality or consciousness for your body..


But that’s what I’m here to do, I wonder what a session could contribute to you, your body and your future in your body?


what's it like to work with julie?