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2 Day Equine Yoga Class

What can I contribute to you and your horse? 

Imagine if your horse could perform greater using way less effort..

Does your horse have a sore back?  Behaviour problems?  Do they feel “off”?  Is your horse easily stressed?  Does your horse have recurring health issues?  What if some of these are actually preventable and changeable?  What if something else is possible that you’ve never considered yet?  


If you would like your horse to feel better and uncover the root causes of your horse’s situation, take action to change it, and be empowered to know what you can do now to help prevent or decrease the risk of health problems before they start-you are in the right place!

What if you could increase your awareness with your biomechanics and what is happening when you ride and get a greater result? 


Equine massage

Equine yoga

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