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The use of marijuana can easily be broken with a few simple supplements, the amino acid L-Glutamine, Pantothenic acid Vitamin B5 and a few other things.  Marijuana destroys brain cells and a part of the adrenal gland, the gland that sits on top of your kidneys.  The side effect of marijuana misuse is low blood sugar, and results in the “munchies” this blood sugar imbalance contributes to a person becoming addicted.   

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Fibre shake:
colon cleanse on empty stomach

Milk Thistle:
 2 capsules 3x/day with meals

Pantothenic acid Vitamin B5:
 2 capsules 3x/day with meals

 2 capsules 3x/day with meals

Vitamin B 100:
(100mg/capsule) 2 capsules 2x/day with meals

 1 capsule 2x/day with meals

Zinc gluconate:
1 tablet 2x/day with meals

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Drink Fibre Shake for Gentle Colon Cleanse every morning

  • The health of your colon is a reflection of the health of your whole body.  Don’t worry you're not going to be rushing to the bathroom taking this shake.  It’s going to make your body happy.  Drinking these simple ingredients on an empty stomach in the morning heals, nourishes and detoxifies your intestines as well as your whole body.  

    Get a protein shake shaker, fill it half with water, add 1tsp liquid chlorophyll, 1 tbsp of psyllium fibre, put the lid on and shake it up for a second and then drink it fast while taking 2 probiotic capsules.  Wait at least 15-20 mins before eating.  

    If you notice your bowel slow down, take 2 magnesium capsules add 2 tsp liquid chlorophyll, double the amount of water and use 1/2 tbsp fibre.  

    Do this every morning for 3 weeks and then once or twice a week for maintenance.  


Liquid Chlorophyll

  • Used for addictions, anemia, bleeding, body odour, brain, cancer, circulation, cholesterol, cold sores, constipation, digestive, emphysema, gives energy, helps fatigue, foot odour, gas & bloating, gout, bad breath, heart palpitations, intestines, liver, oxygen deficiency, pain, poisoning, spleen, detox from vaccines
    Warning: No known warnings, non toxic even in large quantities.
    1-3 tbsp of liquid 1-3x/day for most problems or 1-2 capsules daily 


Nutri-cleanse powder or psyllium

  • Used for addictions, absorbs and removes toxins in body and gut, lowers cholesterol, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, helps inflammatory bowel problems like colitis and IBS, helps weight loss, colon, liver, mucous membranes, skin  
    Warning: If you don’t drink enough water it may slow down bowel and constipate so be sure to take with plenty of water if using for the first time 


Probiotics (keep refrigerated)

  • Used for addictions, whole body health, colon health, anorexia, chemical poisoning, cold sores, constipation, diarrhea, poor digestion, yeast infections, gas & bloating, jock itch, itching, colitis, IBS, vaginitis
    Warning: No known warnings

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Lobelia (herb has lobeline similar to nicotine)

  • Used for quitting smoking, relaxes nerves, reduces cravings, abscesses, all addictions, allergies, anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, irregular heart beat, heart pain, heart attack, asthma, ADD & ADHD, backache, lowers blood pressure, bronchitis, bruises, burning feet or hands, colds, colic, congestion, convulsions, cough, cramps, spasms, painful periods, ear infection or ache, seizures, fever, swollen lymph, headache from tension, migraines, hepatitis, insomnia, kidney stones, pain, pms, poisoning, restless leg syndrome, sore throat, stiff neck, lowers heart rate, tension, tinnitus, toothache, ulcers, burning urination, detox from vaccines, wheezing
    Warning: Small doses are stimulating, large doses cause profound relaxation, not recommended for longterm use, or to be used by people who are weak, debilitated or deeply relaxed 

Vitamin B complex (try and get B 100’s, 100mg/capsule)

  • Used for brain, liver, muscles, nerves, spleen, thyroid, acne, addictions, anemia, anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, bipolar, burning feet or hands, lowers cholesterol, cramps, depression, dizziness, eczema, fatigue, grey hair, grief, hair care, hangover, heart palpitations, inflammatory bowel disorder, insomnia, memory & brain function, mental illness, nausea & vomiting, nervous exhaustion, nervousness, nerve pain, neurosis, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, stress, tinnitus, tooth decay
    Warning: No known toxicity.  If you take prescription drugs like anti-gout, anticoagulants, anti-depressants, birth control or estrogen you may need more B Vitamins   


Vitamin B3 Niacin (get flush free kind)

  • Used for alcohol and drug addictions, brain, circulation, liver, nerves, skin, tongue, backache, lowers cholesterol, cold hands and feet, depression, diarrhea, fatigue, bad breath, migraines, stress
    Warning: Avoid high amounts if you have gout, peptic ulcers, glaucoma, diabetes, or if pregnant 


  • Used for nicotine addictions, heavy smoking or heavy drinking, aging, hardening of arteries, arthritis, anti-oxidant, reduces smokers cough, protects lungs against heavy metals, nervous system, respiratory system, skin, immune system
    Warning:  Do not take if taking high blood pressure drugs (might drop pressure too much), anticoagulants or any bleeding disorders, nitroglycerin, activated charcoal or Aralen (Malaria drug)

Vitamin C (use with Vitamin E)

  • Used for addictions, cigarette cravings, brain, circulation, immune system, intestines, liver, muscles, blood vessels, veins, skin, adrenal burnout or exhaustion, allergies, anemia, stimulates appetite, backache, bladder infection, bleeding, blood poisoning, bruises, strengthens blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, colds, fatigue, free radical damage, gingivitis, infections, irritability, nosebleeds, psoriasis, rhinitis, scurvy, staph infections, stroke, loose teeth, ulcers, spider & varicose veins, warts and wrinkles  
    Warning: Not toxic, but massive doses can cause canker sores in mouth and kidney problems in some people.  Aspirin, pain killers, alcohol, anti-depressants, anticoagulants, steroids and birth control may reduce Vitamin C levels in the body. Diabetic & sulpha drugs may not be as effective when taken with Vitamin C, so take a few hours away from those drugs.  The herb rose hips is high in Vitamin C and can be taken to replace Vitamin C


  • Used for lungs, nerves, respiratory system, emphysema, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, lung and lymph congestion, croup, ear infection or ache, glands, injuries, rashes/hives, wheezing 

Zinc gluconate (most smokers are zinc deficient)

  • Used for removing heavy metals in lungs, tissue healing, brain, hair, immune system, liver, nails, pancreas, prostate, skin, stomach, taste buds, aging, anemia, appetite, hardening of arteries, cataracts, cold sores, colds, diabetes, eczema, erectile dysfunction, grey hair, hair loss, inflammation, eyes, psoriasis, loss of smell, tinnitus, wounds and sores
    Warning: relatively non toxic, daily dose over 100mg can depress immune system, copper and zinc levels should be balanced


  • Used for nicotine addictions, aging, immune system, adrenal burnout and exhaustion, prevents getting fat in the liver, helps cholesterol, anti-oxidant, removes toxins from body, stimulates hair growth


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