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At the core, alcoholism is a blood sugar addiction and a nutritional imbalance of blood sugars, chemicals and allergies to the alcohol you're attracted to drinking.  


If you’re low in zinc you’ll crave alcohol, and if you get hangovers,  you’re allergic to what you’re drinking.  Cravings and withdrawal get worse with poor nutrition and low blood sugar, eat a high protein, low carb nutritious diet.  


This herbal program will help you feel better, sleep better, replenish your organs and glands, clean your colon, reverse allergies to alcohol and help balance your blood sugars so you can get beyond this quickly and easy.  

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Fibre shake every morning on empty stomach (see colon cleanse below) 

  • Mix together half shaker of water, 1 tsp chlorophyll, 1 tbsp psyllium, 2 capsules probiotics 


  • 2 capsules 2x/day breakfast & dinner, 1-2 before bed

Milk Thistle  

  • 2 capsules 3x/day with meals

Licorice root  

  • 2 capsules 3x/day with meals

Vitamin B complex  

  • (100mg) 2 capsules 3x/day with meals


  • 1 capsule 3x/day with meals


  • (500mg) 1 capsule 3x/day between meals

Amino acid complex 

  • 500mg 1 capsule 3x/day between meals


  • 1 tablet 2x/day with meals

Flax seed oil 

  • 1 tbsp/day in morning 

Drink Celery juice


Gives relief from alcoholism, helps addictions, anxiety, panic attacks, nervous system, brain health, mild sedative, relieves headaches, cramps, spasms, pain and helps you sleep better.    

Hops has strong relaxing and sedating effects and helps the nervous system and glands.

Warning:  Do not give to small kids.  Has a nervous system depressant, and can be mildly addicting.  Research has shown that if beer companies increase the hops in beer, people consume more beer.    


Milk thistle:

Used for protecting liver from drugs and alcohol consumption, decreases fat in liver from longterm drug and alcohol use, liver/gallbladder health, cancer prevention, chemical poisoning, lowers cholesterol, cirrhosis of liver, constipation, defensiveness, hangover, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, nightmares 

Warning: No toxic effects, may work as a very mild laxative in some people since it increases bile flow into intestines.   


Licorice root:

Used for all addictions, adrenal burnout and exhaustion, allergies, anorexia, appetite, arthritis, asthma, ADD, ADHD, autoimmune disorders, chills, cirrhosis of liver, confusion, constipation, cough, dehydration, dizziness, ulcers, eczema, emphysema, endurance, fainting, fatigue, fear, bad breath, hangover, hot flashes, hypoglycemia, inflammation, bowel disorders, jet lag, mental illness, mood swings, muscles, phobias, pms, psoriasis, shingles, sleep, sore throat, stress, sugar cravings, weight gain and weight loss

Warning: should be avoided if you have high blood pressure or when taking digitalis.  Headaches and dizziness are early symptoms of taking too much.



Used for bones, brain, gallbladder, heart, intestines, muscles, nerves, thyroid, urinary system, abdominal pain and inflammation, addictions, adrenal burnout or exhaustion, aneurysm, heart pain, anxiety, panic attacks, irregular heart beat, arthritis, ADD & ADHD, backache, lowers blood pressure, calcium deficiency, heart attack, heart disease, heart palpitations, lowers heart rate, confusion, constipation, cramps, spasms, Crohn’s disease, depression, diarrhea, poor digestion, painful periods, fatigue, eye health, inflammatory bowel, insomnia, irritability, mental illness, migraines, neurosis, pain, pms, restless leg syndrome, stress, strokes, teeth grinding, tension, tremors, twitching    

Warning: No known warnings, if bowel gets loose cut dose in half


Vitamin B 100’s (100mg/capsule):

Used for brain, liver, muscles, nerves, spleen, thyroid, acne, addictions, anemia, anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, bipolar, burning feet or hands, lowers cholesterol, cramps, depression, dizziness, eczema, fatigue, grey hair, grief, hair care, hangover, heart palpitations, inflammatory bowel disorder, insomnia, memory & brain function, mental illness, nausea & vomiting, nervous exhaustion, nervousness, nerve pain, neurosis, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, stress, tinnitus, tooth decay

Warning: No known toxicity.  If you take prescription drugs like anti-gout, anticoagulants, anti-depressants, birth control or estrogen you may need more B Vitamins   



Used for alcohol, drug or sugar addictions, aging, anemia, brain, bruises, colitis, depression, dizziness, ear infections, fatigue, gout, low blood sugar, leaky gut, motion sickness, mental illness, ulcers, nerves

Warning: no known warnings.


Zinc gluconate (most smokers are zinc deficient):

Used for addictions, aging, tissue healing, brain, hair, immune system, liver, nails, pancreas, prostate, skin, stomach, taste buds, aging, anemia, appetite, hardening of arteries, cataracts, cold sores, colds, diabetes, eczema, erectile dysfunction, grey hair, hair loss, inflammation, eyes, psoriasis, loss of smell, tinnitus, wounds and sores

Warning: relatively non toxic, daily dose over 100mg can depress immune system, copper and zinc levels should be balanced


Flax seed oil:

Used for abscesses, appetite, hardening of arteries, arthritis, ADD, ADHD, bipolar, blood clots, boils, chemical poisoning, lowers cholesterol, circulation, cold hands and feet, constipation, cough, depression, eczema, seizures, failure to thrive, fat cravings, heavy metal poisoning, muscles, nerves, nervous exhaustion, pain, psoriasis, mental illness, skin, strokes, helps whole body

Warning: no known warnings


Drink Celery juice sodium is found to be the biggest nutritional deficiency with alcoholism. To quench the dehydration and intense thirst, drinking celery has lots of sodium and calcium which is needed for your nerves and it sedates and relaxes you.  If you can juice apple, celery, carrot, beet, ginger & parsley together it would be very nourishing, and if celery on its own is too intense for you.     

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Choose you’re going to do this no matter what it takes.  Nothing is more powerful than your choice.


Change your social environment, don’t hang out with drinkers


What are you distracting yourself from?  You.  We love to distract ourselves with addictions so we don’t have to be present in our own lives and create our life.  What if you didn’t have to distract yourself from anything anymore and there wasn’t anything you couldn't handle?  What have you been coping with that you can just handle now?  We weren’t taught coping skills.  It’s time to be the parent to yourself that you never had and teach yourself tools to cope with anything.  You’re amazing cuz you’ve gotten this far. 


Right Recovery For You book and program by Marilyn Bradford

In the book she talks about and invites you to a totally different approach to recovery.  The book is based on the life changing tools and concepts of Access Consciousness.  We are all aware of energy.  What is true for you makes you feel lighter and what feels heavy is a lie.  We’ve all been sitting in heavy energy for most of our life, which means we’ve been telling ourselves lies this whole time.  Lies that we aren’t good enough, good looking  enough, smart enough, we don’t deserve better, or have enough money etc.  If it’s heavy it’s a lie.  What if self judgement is the biggest addiction?  Whatever you make wrong you’ll want to do more of.. if you didn't make it wrong I wonder if you’d do it as much as you do?  Remember everything is a choice.  You can do whatever you like ..the question is “does this make my life greater?” 

Find things to add to your life like hobbies, art, cooking, sports, games, what did you love to do as a kid?

  1. People who crave alcohol are usually low in zinc


  • People who have hangovers are usually addicted to what they're drinking


  • Eat small frequent meals 

  • Take the supplements from this herbal program daily

High carb diets increase the desire for alcohol so choose to avoid sugar/caffeine

Eat high protein meals, they create less desire for alcohol.  Eat lots of fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, tofu, black soy beans, mung beans

Drink lemon in water to help detoxify the liver


Go for acupuncture weekly or twice a week if you can


Get lots of exercise and practice deep breathing


Try getting an Access Bars session


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