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If you have back or body pain and are fed up with not getting any relief, the acupressure mat and pillow set will change your life.  


I’ve been a massage therapist for 15 years and I use the acupressure mat and pillow daily on my entire body to relieve tension, increase range of motion and to elicit deep relaxation.  

The acupressure mat is one of the greatest self massage tools in my point of view, it doesn’t require using any effort or tension, you just lay on it and it gives you an incredible muscle and fascia release.  

I prefer the acupressure mat over the foam roller. If you used the acupressure mat before using the foam roller, your tissue and muscles would already be warmed up and the rolling would be way more smooth and painless and you wouldn’t damage and microtear the tissue.  

The acupressure mat brings in blood flow dramatically, reduces pain and tension, increases range of motion and gets blood between the surface of the skin and muscle promoting healthier tissue, less knots, better elimination and gives relief to painful muscles and connective tissue. 

Massage À La Carte with Julie Kaukinen Acupressure Mat Full Body Demo 

Before you lay on the acumat, check your range of motion and move your spine around and see how it feels-remember that tension so you can compare when you’re done or you won’t have anything to compare to.  When you lay on the acupressure mat, it must be skin on skin, and yes, it will burn for the first few minutes from the blood rushing into the tissue for the first time in awhile.  After the burning subsides, it gets numb and euphoric and you become the most relaxed you’ve been in a long time, and you will feel your back getting warm from all the blood flow.   

Before you get up off the acumat, take a deep breath-exhale and then sit up and breathe.  Yes, this will burn getting off of it.  Now, move your spine around and bend forward and see the difference in movement and tension.

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